Photo Courtesy Tom Braid

Thank You!

September, 2013 –  Joey’s “Thank you note” on his digital photo book for his 50th birthday celebration.

I would like to dedicate this photo book to my late mom and dad(Sophie & Lloyd Moss) and late Aunty Mary(Mary Murias).

I would like to share a special thanks to all my siblings (Mervin, Terry, Pattie, Michael, Tim, Jim, Susan, Barb, Fred, Mark, Vikki, and Stephen), extended family, cousins, and friends for all their love and support.

Thank you to the Edmonton Oilers organization for giving me the opportunity and chance to grow. Thank you Sparky (Lyle Kulchisky) for introducing new things in my life and for grooming me for the real world. Thank you to Barry Stafford for taking care of me and making me part of your family. Thank you to Jeff Lang for always looking out for my best interest.

Thank you to the Edmonton Eskimos organization for the opportunity to work inside the locker room. Thank you to Dwayne Mandrusiak for making me a part of your family and for always taking care of me.

Thank you to all the staff, training staff, and players that were and are part of Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos for accepting me, supporting me, and spoiling me in every which way.

Thank you to Winnifred Stewart Association for the wonderful education and now for this cozy home at Residence #1.  Thank you Winnifred Stewart for hosting my 50th birthday party and for always taking care of my needs.

Thank you to Sam Abouhassan for your friendship and for taking care of my formal dress attire. Thank you Sam for helping me out with my signature jersey (half Oiler’s and half Eskimos).

Thank you to the Edmonton Sun for donating pictures to this book. Also, thank you to Tom Braid for the fantastic photo shoot and for all your time editing pics to add some fireworks to this project.

Thank you to Don Metz for your great videos. Thank you for putting me on a spotlight and allow me to show my true colors.

Thank you Wayne for adding the magical pixie dust to my life!


Your pal always, Joey