Inspire and Support those with Disabilities!

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Meet Joey’s Teammate Tanya

Tanya Ponich gracefully wears her hat as a self-advocate every day. She’s an active motivational speaker for 10 years and volunteer in her home town of Edmonton and throughout out the US, this tenacious young woman takes great pride in who she is and loves to defy outdated stereotypes. She is very candid about being born with Designer jeans!
Tanya and Joey are two highly motivated adults who offer valuable insight about finding their place in the world where they are comfortable and passionate about what they do and are happy to be doing it every day. They have had big dreams and they know age is not a factor in dreams.

Tanya and Joey are a dynamic duo. Invite them to your podium and be forever in awe.  Please click below to view Tanya’s website and catch a video of her public speaking.